Let your yes, be Yes! and your no, be No!  The person who straddles the fence is unstable in all their ways... besides, when God raises the fence - it hurts when you move your position to compromise!

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Laws do not protect you and your freedom

Posted by John Fergusson on Saturday, December 27, 2014,

As we approach and live throughout the year of 2015, both world and personal security will be the 2 most worrisome thoughts on people's minds. Unfortunately neither world nor personal security can be legislated.

In all of earth’s combined history there has never been more laws abounding than what we have today for the purpose of security, with more being legislated every day, yet we now have less security than at any other time or period in all of human history.

This is clear and uneq...

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Now when you talk realms this is what I think of Spirituality

Posted by John S Baulkham Hills on Sunday, January 5, 2014,

Hi John,

A very impressive, comprehensive and professional site that must have taken a
stack of effort. WOW….Looks very cool and looks like it would have taken ages to build and put all the info in.

That’s the good news. Now for some feedback.

There is just so much overwhelming information it takes around 2 hours to get through everything, videos etc.
Also I am not sure of the point of the site. You say... you want us to work together to make our cause known, to reach out to other ...

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Posted by John Fergusson on Saturday, November 30, 2013,

In greed we cut down all our trees - but not before earth saved some seeds
We moved away once trees were done - but millions more grew when earth planted one

I'm an expert said the man in suit - I have earned a degree to manage trees roots
I put trees in pots so we can move them around - I make millions of dollars by keeping them bound

Trees once stood in a permanent place - and grew into giants taking up space
Now I set them free by placing them in pots - they are totally in order in r...

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Is “Family” Important?

Posted by John Fergusson on Wednesday, April 25, 2012,

We are told the wealth and power of the future will belong to those who have the control and authority of technology and science to manipulate, manage, and even cull the human population of this earth as they see fit, for their own utopian needs.  They do not and will not ask you for permission! 
Personal human rights will not be considered by these wealth creators.  Want an example; check out “Monsanto” just for one and ‘Gnome Crops’!  My rights are the only rights and I (Monsanto) h...

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Mental Prisons & Radical Confinement

Posted by John Fergusson on Tuesday, April 10, 2012,


Let's talk about our “Mental Prisons”.



Mental Prisons are both personal and impersonal i.e. regularly brought to us by others and accepted by us, often without question. 

Mental prisons are formed by rigid and inflexible opinions, often created by fear, prejudice and ignorance, but much more by redundant, superfluous education and the benchmarks of yesterday’s knowledge that has long been left to the museum of higher learning or religion.  They are also formed from t...

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Posts of the Latent Realm

Posted by John Fergusson & People of The Realm on Tuesday, March 20, 2012,

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 Control Your Own Life/Realm or Someone Else Will

The Latent Realm

Every Person - Every City - Every Country

In the TV series “Man Versus Wild”, Bear Grylls demonstrates the 2 Worlds. Wild and Civilized.

1. Because the “wild” is out of our control we can only survive by being in total control of ourselves for our shelter, food, clothing, health, wealth & protection. Here, man is in control of himself and the environment is “wild”.

2. Because the “civilized” is a controlled environment people assume, "I don’t need to be in control of myself, I can relax because others are responsible for my health, wealth, protection, shelter, food & clothing". Here, the environment is controlled and man is “wild” and must be ruled. Therefore, whoever controls shelter, food, clothing, health, wealth & protection is the ruler and reigns over those who don’t!

Because man won’t rule himself – someone/something else will!  Who Reigns?  You decide!  Rule yourself, or be ruled.

You can only be successful in a world that you can control, and that, you must do within, before you will be able to do it without. Otherwise you will not know the pathway and will wander all over the place relying on religion, luck and other fictitious unintelligent nonsense – the panacea of the masses.

Rule yourself from within, or be ruled by others without!

Realm Quote: Change your mindset from, “I want to be Successful”, to “I want to Rule & Reign”! ~ John R Fergusson

Steeples & Sheeples January 1, 2014

Most christians are so caught up in their religion and are so busy rehearsing or learning their traditions that they have no idea they are being used to prop up, finance and promote the deception and tyranny of the antichrist anti-human world.  The deceptive majesty of this trickery is to have people believe their religion, is their spirituality!  Most have never stopped to think what it would be like to enter the realm (kingdom) that Jesus came to show and demonstrate to us all, so that we could save ourselves from what "The Banker" in the YouTube Video below relates!  In fact most haven't even got the faintest idea of what the kingdom of heaven is about or even why Jesus spent all of his time and his whole life talking about it whilst demonstrating its power and freedom!  God denies his power to all forms of godliness no matter how sincere the act or virtuous the person - why?  Because the performers are using the "power of deception" to cheat, rob, kill and destroy for personal gain - yes, even to gain God! Be warned! The most powerful deceit pulled on every human being is to appeal to the common altruistic human trait to sacrifice for a cause, to give above and beyond your means, to borrow if necessary from those and for those who hold your life in their hands because you have given them control of your complete life and living simply by not entering the alternative God through Jesus Christ has provided.  There is no neutrality, nor non-commitment in the power of life! The life of the power that you let control you makes all the choices for you whether you like them or not, by your consent until you change the source.  The source is within you - it will change you from being a silly sheep to being a lion king
Now here is the secret: The banksters and world leaders don't like lion kings - they only like lambs.  Why do you think this is so?

John R Fergusson