We are told the wealth and power of the future will belong to those who have the control and authority of technology and science to manipulate, manage, and even cull the human population of this earth as they see fit, for their own utopian needs.  They do not and will not ask you for permission! 
Personal human rights will not be considered by these wealth creators.  Want an example; check out “Monsanto” just for one and ‘Gnome Crops’!  My rights are the only rights and I (Monsanto) have the wealth to prove it! This is the growing culture of the multinationals.
It is only a matter of time and our personal human rights will mean nothing to them.

If every family on this earth today only had one child and each future generation did the same, it would only take approximately 666 years before the last couple had their only child, leaving eventually just one person, alone on this earth!  But we are encouraged to breed like rabbits by these wealth creators, to ensure they have a market and so we can kill each other off with debilitating and perpetual wars due to the need to experiment with new weapons of war and to keep our investors and industries in a perpetual state of wealth creation, and of course for the “National & International Sport of Kings and Powerbrokers” as learnt in the ancient world of tit for tat, snatch and grab of others recourses and wealth.  All of this has been going on since the dawn of time we know.  It just seems to be accelerating!

This helps to keep the population down a little, but more to create, steal or dominate wealth, support big business and to test technology, medicinal drugs, biological science etc., and to develop national slave forces out of the millions of people who have committed misdemeanours unwittingly who will eventually only have “state rights” to exist, but enslaved to build and maintain our national infrastructures and monuments.  How “modern” is that!  It is called, "Neo Feudalism".  Look it up!  You may be surprised how close to the "Middles Ages" we still are!  Don’t you just love the “Modern Age”!  It makes the “Dark Ages” look quite enlightened! 
It’s time for a new paradigm - in a new realm!