Let's talk about our “Mental Prisons”.



Mental Prisons are both personal and impersonal i.e. regularly brought to us by others and accepted by us, often without question. 

Mental prisons are formed by rigid and inflexible opinions, often created by fear, prejudice and ignorance, but much more by redundant, superfluous education and the benchmarks of yesterday’s knowledge that has long been left to the museum of higher learning or religion.  They are also formed from the moment we think we are an expert in something when we possibly are not, or when we think we are not when we possibly are!


In prison in “something” = Mental Prisons

         in “skills”,

         in our “profession”,

         in the “practice”,

         are “fully educated”,

         have “arrived”,

         successfully “employed”,

         become a “specialist”,


In prison as “someone” = Radical Confinement

         in a “position”,

         in a “place”,

         with a “name” to keep,

         with “prestige” to control,

         with “power” to prove,

         with “status” to preserve.


Self Test:

List your known “mental prisons”!

Then list your “radical confinements” that could possibly hold you back from “Reigning and Ruling in your new and higher heavenly Realm”!

I am forever amazed at the decisions made with “first person view” (and it’s often the only view) in mind, i.e. to first maintain and keep oneself or others in “prison” for what is believed to be a “right to personal gain to be considered first”, and on this basis (and often on this basis alone), the important decisions get made.  This is called second priority decision making based on “I come first”, as the good of “others, the earth, the country, company, institution, or business is placed second or even last”.  

The world is rife with this prison mentality and radical confinement!  They are the prime reasons many enterprises, businesses, companies and institutions fold, are brought down or cease to exist, affecting often millions of people as we have seen with collapses of financial institutions, banks and others, resulting in the GFC and the continuous pandemic of world wide poverty in body, mind and spirit!


In greed we cut down all our trees - but not before God saved some seeds
We moved away once trees were done - but millions more grew when God planted one
I'm an expert said the man in suit - I have earned a Degree to manage trees roots
I put them in pots so we can move them around - I make millions of dollars by keeping them bound
Trees once stood in a permanent place - and grew into giants taking up space
Now I set them free by placing them in pots - they are totally in order in rows on lots
I move them around so it's plain to see - never in history have trees been so free!

Question: Have you ever done this to others, or have you ever let others do this to you?  Would you know?  Please share!

John R Fergusson