Hi John,

A very impressive, comprehensive and professional site that must have taken a
stack of effort. WOW….Looks very cool and looks like it would have taken ages to build and put all the info in.

That’s the good news. Now for some feedback.

There is just so much overwhelming information it takes around 2 hours to get through everything, videos etc.
Also I am not sure of the point of the site. You say... you want us to work together to make our cause known, to reach out to other groups who share our vision. Whether you’re ready to lend a hand at one of our activities or have photos or articles to share about a recent event, here’s the place to do it. And you also say that we can publicize a higher realm mission and share ideas.

Only problem I have is that it is not clear what the vision is – yes you say, love, acceptance, understanding and
humility flow from a higher realm along with a surprising number of other exemplary benefits and gifts, and our passion is to help the community to understand and develop fully into this realm with a will to rule in integrity and great love. – what is this higher realm you speak of as it is not clear how you know if you are constantly in it or how you get there. Sure, I experience it fleetingly now and then like the recent experience where out of the blue I said to Jo, “you know I think John may have a stomach ulcer” but the way this site is presented it is not clear so someone who stumbles across it will have no idea what you are talking about.

We all have latent talents and you keep mentioning the latent realm but actually don’t really describe what it is and how
it is going to set me free or how this site is going to show me how I can set myself free.

Now when you talk realms this is what I think of Spirituality

To my understanding the Spirit World is of a multi-layered structure. It is divided into many different levels (dimensions or realms) according to the state of mind of the people who live there. There are levels in the Spirit World ranging from what I understand is the fourth to the ninth dimension.

The higher dimensions are inhabited by spirit minded people who are closer to the mind of God and as people become more in tune with the spirit, they ascend to the higher dimensions and move further away from worldly or human attributes, becoming spiritually free and limitless beings not bound by the constraints put in place by others.

For example the Fifth Realm is where a lot of people may be at.

The Spirit World of the fifth dimension

The fifth dimension is known as the Realm of the Good and is the world inhabited by those whose thoughts are generally good. The people of this world have the will to treat those around them in the way they themselves like to be treated. The souls of the fifth dimension understand the value of giving love; they bless others and reflect upon themselves, and their hearts are humble and pure. While still worldly and living as the majority do, they have some understanding of the spirit but in many cases believe they have arrived and while they seek spirituality, they keep looking in the same place so are slow to grow if at all beyond their present perceptions.

So If I was in the fifth Dimension, how is this site and information going to enlighten me to get to the next level or realm. – I feel it needs to be more of a teaching site rather than a blog of lots of stuff that is just interesting stuff (as Despina put it
in her comments).

John S