In greed we cut down all our trees - but not before earth saved some seeds
We moved away once trees were done - but millions more grew when earth planted one

I'm an expert said the man in suit - I have earned a degree to manage trees roots
I put trees in pots so we can move them around - I make millions of dollars by keeping them bound

Trees once stood in a permanent place - and grew into giants taking up space
Now I set them free by placing them in pots - they are totally in order in rows on lots
I move them around so it's plain to see - never in history have trees been so free!


Once they belonged to everyone on earth - every living creature valued their worth

But now they are owned by a handful of men - posing as guardians over greed’s exclusive trend


Cut them all down, put them in a pile, burn them to ashes because in a little while - we’ll be making more money ‘cause these trees are out of style

How could it be what once belonged to all - now belong to no one except just two or three

Kings, Queens and Governments first claimed all on our behalf - in protection of the realm they ruled, all done by legal staff

This is what your taxes bought, both far and wide they shout - now we need to privatise to keep the robbers out


Sold to the highest bidder the headlines do declare - great value for money the governor makes clear

Small print barely mentions who the private owners are - in fact we do not know their name just that they’re someone’s heir


Catch those nasty little public out there running free - living in our forests without paying us a fee


Now we are excluded we have no where free to go - with everything now private, a fee for license we must show


Trespassers will be Prosecuted show us you paid your fees, or - no access will be granted you to walk amongst the forest of our free range potted trees

Freedom is now illegal what don’t you understand - get back into your little pot for your water, food and air as you will only get it in your allocated share


Our private eyes are tracking you to make sure we can hide - what we don’t want you seeing, because it’s all been privatised

So, we keep you in the dark, but why turn on the light - we can make believe with you, we’ve got nothing here to hide


We’ve upped the price of bullshit you’ve been paying us to survive - because we’re managing all your freedoms, now that freedom’s privatised


Humans once free in a very large place - grew up into nations taking up space

We will ensure your freedom by placing you in pots - till you’re totally in order in rows on lots

We may move you all around so it's plain to see - never in humans’ histories have its leaders been so free!

Question: Have you ever done this to others, or have you ever let others do this to you?  Would you know?  Please share!

John R Fergusson