The Abyss Shadow Church is created by people endeavoring to build what only Jesus Christ can do by His Spirit in His Realm (Kingdom). Religious men don't know His Realm so they can only guess at what His church should or might be like. The only pattern they can follow is what the Old Testament teaches in types and shadows.

Men are concerned only with presenting the right image and do not worry much about Christ's reality as they don't really know what His reality is and certainly won't let truth get in the way of a good image if the image does the work they are looking for in their presentation, which is to control and stupefy the people by outward ritual form and tradition. And as the light gets further and further away the shadows get bigger and longer like a dark bottomless pit.

Photos of Diet Wiegman's Mind-Blowing Shadow Sculptures. But of all the amazing creations he has to his name, his work with light and shadow is most breathtaking. Using garbage, pieces of glass and other rubble, he creates a sculpture that, with the help of a light source, projects a beautiful image onto a wall....

The law, tabernacle and temple is absolutely and truly the outward shadow of Christ and His church – His Body – it always has been and anyone still in it is lost in Old Testament time and its temporal outward shadow.  Shadows are an outward outline, or silhouette we follow until we hit the real thing after which, to those inside, the shadows matter no more.

Shadows are an outline of something of substance not yet revealed.  They are the shape of things to come, but shadows are not the substance they silhouette.  This is why the mysteries were hidden until the reality (Christ) appeared as the new covenant in the new testament and the mysteries always will be hidden to those still in the shadows of rituals, forms and outlines.

Why is the “institutional orthodox church” found with nearly all of the Old Testament practices of Judaism and the law in its rituals, creeds, liturgies and traditions?  Because it is the only outward pattern men can follow in order to call themselves “biblical”. 

Jesus gave no teaching, or instruction on His church and how He would build it, nor even how, or if we should, or could help Him!  He shared only two matters, which are recorded in Matthew’s gospel.  The first was a declaration to His disciples on what unshakeable rock He would build His church (Mt 16:18).  The second was to tell us how to deal with disputes between people (Mt 18:15-17).  That’s it!  Not a lot of help is it, when one considers man has majored for at least 1600 - 1700 or more years in building Christ’s church for Him, while we’ve ignored ever so much on His Kingdom!

Nowhere in the bible are we called, nor exhorted to preach, teach or proclaim the Church.  We are called however, to preach, teach and proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom, first by the Lord Himself in His work and ministry, and then of course by His apostles.  Jesus Christ’s earthly preaching, teaching and ministry was all and only about the Kingdom.  This was followed by the Lord’s apostles (throughout the book of ‘The Acts’ and the ‘Epistles’), who went everywhere preaching and teaching the things concerning the Kingdom, out of which the Lord Jesus Christ began to build His church and added to it such as should be saved by the preaching and the teaching of the Kingdom from the day of Pentecost on.

He gives the gifts to His church as it pleases Himself – apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors & teachers for the edification of the saints, so all of us can do the work of the ministry of the kingdom of God by the fruit of the Spirit within and the keys of the Kingdom without!  It is ordained of God, confirmed by the Holy Spirit for men by the fruit that appears.  As His bride we are told we must prepare and make ourselves ready for Him our Bridegroom, but even for this, we can only use all that he alone has provided for us. 

We cannot use anything of our own self righteousness as that would leave us in self’s “filthy rags” – as saints totally unprepared for Him!  As His church we must be clear that we must be a doer of the things of the Kingdom of Heaven and do the works prepared for us by God beforehand i.e. before the world was!  Or else!  Else we will suffer the unspeakable consequences as in the parable of the unprofitable servant and the five foolish virgins who had not made themselves ready and were away at the wrong time (left it too late) trying to get ready while the bridegroom came, and there are very, very serious consequences of loss when it comes to His Kingdom, His bride and wife.

The People of the Realm (Kingdom) of Heaven Reign with a Realm of Heaven World View Locally Expressed in a Brand New Heavenly Sovereign Realm with a Will to Rule themselves in Integrity with a Passion to Reproduce & Grow Spiritually.

The Realm is development of both the Master and the Student within you. Our purpose is to outgrow the natural by regeneration of the spirit, before the natural by degeneration, outgrows us!

We are not here to just do a “job” and fill in some “time”!  We are here to ...

“Reign over everything (overcome the selfish world religions & politics and the satanic nature within) with Christ”


We must follow the shadow to its source to see what it is made by. If at the end of the shadow we find Jesus Christ the shadow is genuine! But if at the end we find pedophilia, debauchery, crime, lies, murder, theft and ritual plunder of the people in carnal knowledge, it is nothing but garbage waiting to be burned.

 All of our (man’s) attempts to build His church will always, without fail, end up bringing in the law via the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  Why?  Because there is no other outward pattern men can follow than to copy the shadow of the Old Testament’s Law of Moses, the Aaronic & Levitical priesthood, the Tabernacle, and Solomon's Temple etc. 

Why did Jesus not give us any instruction, or teaching, or pattern, on how He was to build His church other than the two mentions in Matthews’s gospel?  Because it is not something we are able to do, nor are qualified to do, because we are not the builder of the house, we all are the building material. 

We must stop trying to build Christ’s church for Him and simply become His church through Christ’s ascension and dominion in the Kingdom of Heaven!  We can’t even build His footstool as He also does that Himself.  Our “old natural man” is actually under His feet – buried forever!  Stop trying to improve the “old man” by following the spin doctors from the pulpit!  It can be nothing at best than Christ’s footstool! 

The builder of the house we are told has more honour than the house He builds, because it came from within Him.  It is an expression of Him and that is exactly who we are – an expression of Him being built up by Him in love, by that which every joint supplies.  Our supply comes from the Kingdom of heaven within us.  We are full of the riches of Christ for this purpose.  We can only ‘become’ the church, the body of Christ!  It is not something we can do, it is only something we can be and only He can build us and make us like himself!

Notice it is in the first person "I will build my church" and He doesn't ask for our help anywhere! The truth is, "What Jesus builds the gates of hell have no impact on"! The church man tries to build for Christ is full of hell - that's what Jesus himself said! See Mt 23:15. Now you know why the shadow church causes so much suffering and uses and abuses so many people. It is a growing abyss - a dark bottomless pit. It produced the dark ages upon earth and it hasn't ended yet.

Back in Genesis Eve could not and did not build herself.  She was first put to sleep within and with Adam and was separated only by God and built only by God’s own grace, faith and love power and presented to Adam as his bride and wife.  Neither can the church build herself.  She must first be put to sleep (kimisis) and crucified only within and with Christ, to be separated from the lowered state and buried with Him in it. 

She is then raised by only Him into His heavenly state, now sanctified, called and justified, built by only His own grace, faith and love power, predestined for this and glorified also because of His great love.  And He alone is building for Himself and is presenting to Himself alone, a glorious church, without spot or wrinkle, a bride without any blemish whatsoever.  You see, we can only be the church, the body, the bride of Christ.  We cannot build it.  It is a work only He can do!  He puts and places us all together as He so wills – everyone being a joint of His supply of life! 

That's Right! Without God's Spirit we can only have the "Shadow Church" presenting a "staged show" of what it thinks God may want, based on Old Testament practices which were temporal from the beginning, as they pointed only as shadows to the coming of Jesus the Anointed (Christ) Messiah.

For nearly 2000 years the churches of men, listed as countless registered denominations (peddled currencies) in governments of many world markets, claimed and led by the Vatican with its Roman Catholic subsidiaries, have practiced and peddled for countless reasons including financial, property and judicial political purposes, various forms of traditional Judaism, selecting various matters of the Law of Moses as it suits the agenda and expediency, including adopting most of the high priestly garments, arrangements and temple rites and rituals, plus using the Jewish Talmud as it suits the particular bias each and every group feels they must push, revive and emphasize.

Though by 70 AD Israel was completely conquered by the Romans and the city of Jerusalem was razed and destroyed as prophesied, so that Israel could no longer practice Judaism as a nation, by just a few hundred years AD the shadow church had picked up and adopted most of Israel's practices minus the sacrifice of bulls & goats as Christ had become the sacrificial scapegoat once and for all time, except of course where they had to pay cash to the shadow church subsidiaries to absolve their current daily sins.

It is upon this foundation of shadows the whole of Christianity along with Islam (as a post AD 5-6th century religious political enterprise) mixes the new testament writings of the gospels and the epistles of the first writers of the way, truth and life being Jesus Christ, with their old testament traditions and additions to suit their own political agendas. Christianity is not the church Jesus Christ is building. It is a shadow substitute, built and controlled by men as is Islam and today, many people are finding out what is behind and making up these shadow images and what they speak all of which they have been told is the "Church of Jesus Christ" or the "Great Assembly of Allah". What a great shock it is for many!

Even the name "christian" is a heathen nick-name started in Antioch Turkey! Before that, Christ's followers were called the "people of the way", and the people, who incidentally are the church, were referenced according to the city, town or village in which they lived! The people in the city of Ephesus for example, were simply referred to as the church (gathering or assembly) in Ephesus! To Jesus Christ this is still the case! Until we give up our currency insignia (political & religious denomination) we cannot enter nor receive anything of the realm (kingdom) of Jesus it cannot be given to anyone living in the shadow of the abyss......we must be walking in the light as He is in the light in order to have His fellowship and our partnership in His realm!

The great Vatican Machine
Islam - the worlds most recent major political religion and growing
Jerusalem - The remains!  A bruised and battered mother - done by her daughters, supplanted momentarily by Islam's Dome of the Rock - Ex Solomon's Temple site - over which three or more of her daughters still fight
In the book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ by John, written on the Isle of Patmos, we read that it is God who raises up the adversaries (Satan, which is a plural name meaning adversaries when it is translated), the mother of harlots (Jerusalem Israel), the scarlet beast (Vatican Rome) and other beasts (Greek, Russian, and Armenian Orthodox, Protestantism, Islam etc), the false prophet (Muhammad Mecca), in order to complete His purpose through Jesus Christ from the foundation of the world. To see this purpose and to overcome all adversaries related to it for our development and maturation we must like John, be carried away in spirit to be shown and taught according to God and the Lamb!
This is a  great paradox and I ask, "Why did Jesus become a lamb in order to show and teach us this stuff? Does anyone, I mean anyone take any notice of a lamb!" He reveals Himself as a lamb to show He and of course we His followers, need no defence other than love once we enter His realm and to reveal there is no guile nor ulterior motive in His/our speaking and no politics in His/our doing! This lamb also opens all the seals of the scroll and administers all the plagues on the earth for our human/divine benefit! Why? Because He wants us to learn to live in His realm where none of these things can detrimentally affect us because we overcome them as we are of His blood and word, being conformed to His death in order to be transformed in His life in ascension. How good is that!

He/she who has ears to hear let him/her hear what the Spirit is saying to the people/church He is building!