Chaos’s of Fragmented Knowledge

I pray may be in a strong enough position to grasp, along with all the people devoted to God, the width, length, height and depth of the Anointed One’s love, a love that goes far beyond knowledge  ... Ephesians 3.

Multidimensional Love exceeds Knowledge ...Knowledge is just information about the fabric of all things ...Love is the Cause, the Builder and the Keeper of it all.

The word "Abyss" is an ancient meaning of the word "Chaos"
The Chaos of Incomplete Knowledge
People perish because what they know does not cover their unknown
The unknown is not unknown else you wouldn’t know it’s unknown - you just don't have the knowledge
Chaos is always found in what is not understood
Law and order are the simplest forms of chaos
Chaos itself is not a predicament – like art, it is all in the eye and mind of the beholder. JRF
"Chaos often breeds life, when order breeds habit" [Henry Brooks Adams The Education of Henry Adams]
"Chaos is a name for any order that produces confusion in our minds" [George Santayana Dominations and Powers]
Many theologians suffer from a mental state of “Chaosis” i.e. fear of dissent and heterodoxy and thus choose to stay in chaos opposing revealed truth.  JRF

When Knowing Is Not Enough

Is the Abyss, aka the Bottomless Pit, the never ending chaos of knowledge without God? i.e. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil – the Serpent creature’s universal occupation to question, to reason, to deduct to the sum of the lowest common denominator – for the learning of knowledge – toward a lofty purpose who, in the beginning of time was sent into all the world to preach its gospel that “those who eat of this tree will be as God knowing both good and evil” and therefore not need God, nor have any reason left to believe God, since they now have access to His knowledge as gods!

Knowledge that’s only found in part, fragmented, without absolutes, distorted, questioning, a labyrinth of never ending searches for truth in the realm of the lie, the shadow, the antithesis of a world of ignorance with the purpose of exposing our ignorance, a world without end, which can only end in Anointing (Christ)!

The first level of knowledge was/is by self observation. Adam/Eve began to learn by self observation immediately. Among the first things they saw was that they were naked and felt shame. In anti-type, the last Adam (Jesus Christ) told us His Realm, the Kingdom of Heaven, doesn’t come by observation but must be found within us as an anointing, which teaches us all things about ourselves, about all creatures and things, the universe, and God. God says (in the Bible) that ‘All things are naked in His sight’ and this is the encounter we must have with God and we can only enter His Realm as little children (naked toddlers if you like), this time with no shame because He clothes us with Anointing (Christ)!

A life without ignorance is not possible for any human in this natural world, no matter how smart, how clever, or how intelligent each of us may be. Even after living and learning for a million years we would still find ourselves more ignorant than knowledgeable in this natural world, a world of forever learning but never able to share, nor come close to having, complete knowledge!

The world is awash with the knowledge about Christ and God and awash with the ignorance and the dearth of the knowledge in Christ in God the all knowing one!

Unbeknown it seems to most humans, science is the abyss, the bottomless pit of discovering knowledge, in an endless pursuit of a world without end of unravelling chaos, being exposed at the speed of light over billions of light years. The more you search and look, the deeper you go and the more you find, the greater the need to discover. It is endless!

Knowledge not only multiplies our understanding, it also multiplies and compounds our ignorance as we usually discover more about what we don’t know due to the little we do know. Just like the Bible says, “A little knowledge is dangerous”, due to it being incomplete!

Now I am not saying that the pursuit of knowledge is wrong, but rather how we use the knowledge and even more how we use our ignorance to confirm our knowledge. e.g. That which is touted by science as fact or truth today, often drifts quietly off the page of peer published and established writ, as new discovery is made and new knowledge found. No one likes to be proven ignorant. There can be the same resistance to change by atheists and scientists alike to new knowledge and understanding, as there has been and is by the protagonists and leaders of philosophy and religion. I can see why God values humility far more than intelligence, as do most people!

Question more” should indeed be the task of everyone, but questioning is only worthy of our time, effort and energy if we are asking the one who knows it all and who knew it all, before any created thing – long before the Serpent, or the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, which has since received its new name - “Science” - before which the whole world bows in admiration of its minuscule searches, research and mind expanding discoveries. Minuscule in the fact that our so called vast scientific discovery of expanding superior knowledge is only a few hundred years old compared to the universe’s age of billions in scientists own reckoning.

We are told “Knowledge is Power” and “Ignorance is Bliss”! But I say, only for Predators! Knowledge is used to keep people in ignorance and ignorance is used to confine people to certain knowledge or particular truth. Both science and religion are very guilty of this practice. It is the bottomless pit – the abyss of forever learning, the chaos of conflicting research through lack of knowledge.

Being that the assumed responsibility and purpose of science is to both “prove or disprove”, to establish “fact or fiction”, to promote “search, research, experiment and discovery” etc., we must bring under strict scrutiny those who prevent or disallow the questioning of their work promoted as “absolute fact” or “definitive truth” in the same way where all are allowed to question the very existence and purpose of God, who for many, is absolute fact and definitive truth. Anything short of that and anyone exempt from scrutiny – even God – is hiding in ignorance not knowledge, or is afraid of truth and the exposure light may bring. Fear promotes ignorance and inhibits truth. Ignorance is the father of fear and the prisoner of truth. Truth sets us free - not knowledge! Knowledge at best is chaotic and can change like the waves of the sea - a clear and fine message one day, life changing the next!

The Two Evolutions

I understand why some people follow the knowledge and science of evolution.  In our ignorance of origins, it is a very plausible idea of enquiry.  Though evolution is not something one believes in, being that it is not a deity with its religion, it nevertheless demands attention from those of us who have reasoning minds as a possible form of origination to study. However, at this stage in my life I am more concerned or interested in the cause, rather than the evolving form or ongoing effect. We do not yet see the cause as it is beyond/before time. We also cannot see the required essential and vital evolvement process should it exist, due to its ageless countless aeons of existential development, but we can all see the effect of whatever/whoever caused our origins – all around us!

On a very much faster scale and increasing at exponential speed, we also see the effect we humans are causing to the planet earth we call home, and to ourselves, without having to look any further than just the past two centuries, and at any one person’s life. The gravitational pull of the greed of billions of humans is set to turning this earth into a big black hole sucking everything beautiful and everything bad into a deep dark grave. The cause of this is hidden too, i.e. it cannot be seen, except the effects are becoming more and more notable. This too is evolution. I call it “The Second Evolution”! The first evolution slowly brings life! The second evolution quickly destroys or extinguishes it! It takes a long, long time to bring forth life and no time at all to destroy it. You could say life is an evolvement over much time, so tediously slow according to scientists, but destruction stops life in an instant - miraculous indeed in comparison!

So, can we see the two evolutions working in possible harmony together? I think we can! First we must understand that the miracle of destruction cannot work without the slow and tedious work of construction, whether spontaneously, with or without help. If everything came into existence with a “Big Bang” out of nothing in order to evolve, then by the same theory we should be able to create all kinds of things by initiating other big bangs out of nothing, but on a somewhat different scale than the original one.

But what if the original “Big Bang” was just a “Little Whisper” to begin with that grew exponentially – not in a time frame moment but in a reversal of spatial relationship condensed in the fabric of what we could call a seed. Remove the time element from the development of a seed and you have an explosion of millions of things that weren’t there. Not only incredible diversity but also astronomical mass explodes out of virtually nothing when compared to its minuscule if not non-existing substance. The seed is static and finite left alone, but whatever causes its change and whenever the initial explosion begins, it takes place, it takes time, and it takes space and it immediately becomes dynamic and exponential. Not only was the seed zero, but place, time and space was also zero, tucked away in the fabric of seed zero.  On this basis, of this foundation, of the explosion of life from nothing/zero, destruction can only and always be finite and will always return everything to the seed of what is called zero.

This miracle (phenomena) allows for a reconstruction, reconstitution, rebuild, a reconciliation of broken fabric returned to seed zero, returning also the cause of destruction to seed zero establishing a judgement of value. This is the purpose of the Cross of Jesus Christ. To create an explosion (big bang or a little whisper) from zero you only need one plus nothing. All mathematicians know that it takes longer and longer or more and more to pick up zeros as digits expand from 0 to 1 to infinity beginning simply as 0, 1, 10, 100, 1,000, 100,000, 1,000,000 etc., etc., etc.

Infinity and eternity are of the same fabric. Infinity gives us a measurement of eternity. Eternity gives us a measurement of diversity. Diversity gives us a measurement of imagination. Imagination gives us a measurement of memory. Memory contains all the seed zeros ready to be aligned to construction. Construction is to be imagined, created, evolved, enjoined, encrypted and enjoyed so it cannot be changed (degraded) once reached perfection.

We have great difficulty in relating everything to 24hr days and 365 day years in earth-time which is superfluous to understanding or comprehending these matters and does not belong in the equation at this level. Looking at seed zero I see nothing – no substance nor measurement at all, not even thought or memory – no place, no space, not even time. That’s right, nothing is there – just seed zero! Now let’s make a formula out of seed zero by dividing seed zero into ten tenths of seed zero! The zero is now given an imaginary “dot” or “point” which can change the value of seed zero.

Now we can divide or multiply seed zero by fractions to infinity creating smaller and smaller zeros til it is no longer locatable, or multiplying the same zeros and at the same time taking up massive amounts of place, space and time – just like fractals. Why this can’t be called “Creation” is not logical! But it is a creation from something that exists – seed zero! So we must go back before zero because zero is not really zero – nothing is not really “nothing”. Without zeros (nothing) we cannot know value – be it positive or negative. On earth zeros tell us whether we are paupers, millionaires, billionaires or trillionaires etc. Moreover, when our terrestrial bodies die or are destroyed, all the millions and trillions disappear back to seed zero for each of us showing our terrestrial wealth is only a bunch of zeros (nothing) – temporary indeed.

Zeros give us value, distance, mass, space, location, time, precision, dimension and infinity, as well as beginnings and endings, parts and whole, depending on whether the zeros fall in front of or after the dot (point). Yes, it is all related to the number of zeros which have nothing in themselves of value, but placed with any single digit with or without a “dot” changes the value of that digit exponentially according to the number of “nothings” (zeros) placed alongside it. Zeros are not an addition as they are nothing and therefore cannot be added to anything. We could say though, that a zero – in fact every zero – is a seed of value once aligned to entity (purpose) granting it identity, whether it appears random or planned, regardless of being in chaos or order. This is the purpose of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Non fractured zeros are perpetually orderly, while fractured zeros can assume the appearance of chaos, but much more than that – they will translate into incredible diversity! Hence the multiversity, universe, the cosmos, earth and the world we are still getting to know and learning so much about. However, on this plane our ignorance will always far exceed our knowledge, but there is hope, because we are full of an infinite supply of zeros full of nothing which will eventually translate into something infinitely and eternally real and true. This is the real purpose of evolution and is why the two evolutions mentioned above work in harmony as a means, not to an end, but to an infinitive eternal expansion of all that there is, was, and is to come, not by observation, but by becoming – the greatest evolution of all. This is the purpose of the ascension of Jesus Christ.

But still, what is the cause of the first and now the second evolution?

The Cause

To many evolutionists the cause is the “big bang”! But no one really can call this “The Cause” because the big bang (the little whisper or the voice) is still only the effect of whatever/whoever caused. For this reason, and now that we know, and are beginning to comprehend, that there is no “nothing” that can be found anywhere and that even empty space is from a source of and measured by zeros, we should be able to know and comprehend the cause!

First let’s look briefly at what we all know as “Series of Events”, better known as “Chain Reactions” or “Causal Consequential Links”. All may appear random and possibly chaotic until we comprehend them. All will have some form of mathematical certainty that may be hidden to our current revelation and comprehension. All of these have nothing to do with our intelligence faculty, but rather to its quotient which is related to our chasms (bottomless pits) of ignorance (zeros) and of these, as to how many have received a related connective value so far.

The cause always finds the means to create the desired object or effect. Because we are not first out of the big bang, but toward the latest according to the studies of science and the Holy Scripture, we need to understand that nature’s natural intent is to make itself known to us. It is not the other way around. Even Genesis shows all the animals and creatures were brought before the Adam to reveal who and what they were to Adam because Adam (as male/female) was last on the scene.

All of our knowledge and study of the universe and all things on earth and all things cosmic of nature is making itself known to us as its offspring and newly formed anthropocentric beings. Our very ego makes us susceptible to receiving all that nature, the earth, the cosmos, the universe, the sub particles etc., present, reveal and lobby at us. Everything is presenting itself to us whether we like it or not, ready or not, want it or not, by life, decay, death, light, dark, love, fear, size, shape, sound, time, movement, the elemental, abstract, positive, negative, some openly overt, other covertly beneath facades we must uncover, trace, search, chase, conquer, enslave or set free, embrace or discard.

Some things we give great amount of thought to, other things we ignore. In fact most we ignore. Why are we so loyal to our ignorance? We let fear of the unknown lock us in our abyss of ignorance. We discard our ability to learn and to comprehend the unthinkable like we are committing a heinous crime! So often it’s just because others ridicule or mock us for our questioning the “status quo-god”, who won’t let us think more than “quo-god” committee/synod/science does. Our current education system teaches us to specialise in one or two disciplines and to ignore the rest and so we end up with incredibly lopsided and often very biased experts. That can’t be helped due to our current education system. So we have countless modalities of nature and so many living and inanimate things, right in our face presenting to us, that we completely ignore or refuse to acknowledge including God and His Anointing (Christ).

Does that mean they are not there? Of course not! But we must understand that ignoring things of no or little interest to us, or not believing in what we don’t know anything about is not a sign of and does not mean we are intelligent or not.  Because we specialise or major in one or two subjects of education be it science, physics, biology, hospitality, philosophy, mathematics, medicine or religion etc., means only that we have some knowledge and some understanding in these modalities but certainly not full knowledge – each of us will need to live millennia upon millennia for that! So don’t think too highly of yourself – especially those of us educated by today’s standards.

While we may give ourselves terms such as “Specialist”, “Generalist”, “Expert”, “Master”, “Chief Executive”, “Chairman” etc, as well as all the pedestally ascending titles we pop our idols of knowledge on including our institutions, remember, you are full of many more zeros not yet connected with known value to the universe, its source, life and knowledge than those of/in you that have knowledge value. We are all still extremely ignorant. What we know is not enough! Collectively we have accumulated a lot of knowledge and this collective pool is growing exponentially. Individually though, we don’t yet know much. This is of major concern because we are being robbed left right and centre. Again, as mentioned in my first piece – “Your ignorance is bliss for a predator with an extra branch of the knowledge tree you don’t have!” – Mainly to keep you comfortably ignorant!

The Source

The Cause comes from a Source. The source is what all of nature calls God! God is the instinctive source of “Fight or Flight” among many other attributes all of nature knows and uses. It learns this knowledge by presentation from its source through interaction of all species relative to the environment in which they live. It is a form of evolution presented by God for all to learn who/what is God and they within and their relationship to God their source and they without.

God is the source of the seed zero. We need our zeros connected to our source to be filled with the sources knowledge. That we ignore most of nature and all that it wants to present to us makes it not hard to comprehend why so many more ignore God the source, and all He wants to present to us. Again, we don’t initiate to look for God or God’s knowledge due to being God’s offspring. It is God that is constantly presenting himself to us from day one, as any father/mother does, but because so many of us have and are still ignoring Him, even the collective cumulative knowledge of Him is small and often false compared to what fills our libraries and mega cyber-archives held so sacrosanct, not to mention the dearth of our individual personal content! Let some guru, or some neaut beaut leader do it all for us, is the prevailing thought.

Why we won’t let God present Himself to us personally and let Him speak to us directly like we let all of nature and other humans do to each other is beyond reason? Why is it we wait for another human – a specialist, an expert – to convince us or to tell us and teach us about God? Is God not capable of speaking directly to you? Of course He is! He is the only expert! So the incapability is on our part as His offspring, due mainly to our very highly treasured ignorance, a bubble of false security boasting our own prowess to not need Him being so extraordinarily ignorant in our knowledge, mainly taught by others, who also remain determinably void themselves. This is truly the blind leading the blind. Why is ignorance of God and the mindlessness of discarding the very concept of God, deemed to be intelligent – hmmm (*.!.*) – and even the precursor to the claim of being intellectual? Far out!!! Lots of empty seed zeros there!

There are two statements I will quote which are of equal value:

  1. God doesn’t exist because I haven’t found any evidence to suggest that He does is my conviction.
  2. God does exist because I haven’t found any evidence to suggest that He doesn’t is my conviction.

Both are based on “I haven’t found any evidence”. Obviously the conclusion of each is based on what each is looking for. The first to prove God might exist. The second to prove God might not.

Each model used is non-trivial, scientifically valid and evidence based, each one claims. We must not confuse this with belief. Neither one is looking for belief here. Neither is it yet an issue of faith or unfaith. Both are open to new opinions because both are ignorant of proof. Both ideas are of equal value and both are equally true before discovery or recognition and reconciliation confirmed by evidence/proof. Both are full of zeros that need to be attached to a true value. So what should happen then to help these two since neither has found any evidence to prove their conviction?

To defend each person’s stance (conviction), evidence must be produced by the defendants and their witnesses and then challenged by the prosecutor for proof. We know both have no evidence and all they have are secondary witnesses, so unless God shows up as the primary witness face to face, neither will have a change of conviction! The big question – when God shows up do we – can we – recognize Him? What does He need to do to change or confirm our conviction? How would we know it’s God, and equally, how would we know it’s not?

The First – Before Anything

What is seed zero? Seed zero is the component of that which has not yet been made known or revealed, nor been placed alongside a digit of value. Zeros alone (or by themselves) are absolutely nothing. It doesn’t matter how many, they are nothing.

What is the dot? The dot is the God factor. By which God multiplies or divides and attributes value etc.

What is the digit? The digit is God. He is the value digits of 1 through 9 and every combination of them. He begets all the zeros. We are the zeros. His first begotten zero is “Jesus The Christ”. He is the very important first of our kind. The provisional, experimental, tested, tried, experiential, true Son of God. The one tried and tested before the creation of all things, in a parallel dimension called heaven, completing even His slaying and resurrection before the foundation of the world to ensure He would not fail us.

Tested and tried out in all things for us, before us and now since we have appeared after him from the same source, is here to guide us and help us through the same schooling, testing and trials as a fellow human (yes He came and did time here on earth also and completed the natural aspect of death, resurrection and ascension in order to unify all things naturally & spiritually in heaven and in earth bringing us from the temporal realm into His eternal for the equipping of the universe, we date our world by Him), a faithful high priest and advocate, keeping up and maintaining the God factor in us, with us, and for us!

Colossians 1:15-16 He is the portrait of the invisible God, the firstborn of the whole

creation. This is because all things were created by him, things that are in

the heavenly places and things that are on the earth, things that are visible

and invisible, things that are seats of power, realms of power or

governments or authorities. All these have been created by him and for him.

17-20 He came before everything, and everything has been brought into

union with him. He is the source of the body, which is the assembly. He is

the First Power, the firstborn from the dead, so that in everything he

became the Holder of the First Place.

The full amount of God came to live in him, which God was pleased

about. Because of the First Power, God made peace with everything, as he

had made peace through the Blood of the cross – this applies to things on

the earth and things in the heavenly places.

21-23 God actually made peace with you, you who were once put out of

the family, and were his enemies in your thought patterns because of the

actions of the evil ones. He made this peace with you through the death of

Anointed One’s natural body, to make you sacred, blameless and without

reproach in his sight – that is, if really and truly you continue to follow the

faith. Your foundations must be laid in a stable way, and you can’t shift

around from the hope produced by the Good News which you’ve heard.

The Good News was preached to the whole creation under heaven, and I,

Paul, became a minister of it.


NOTE: Heaven is not such a wonderful place yet. We have been lied to by the shadow church for centuries. What goes on there is worse than earth at present. Let me quote you a few parts of the bible no one talks much about and there are many more...


Letter to the Ephesians.

Ch.1:1-2 From: Paul, an apostle of the Anointed One Jesus through

God’s plan.

To: The people devoted to God who are faithful to the Anointed One

May you have favour and peace from God our Father and Lord Jesus the

Anointed One!

3-6 Praise the God and Father of our Lord Jesus the Anointed One!

Through the Anointed One, he gave us every spiritual blessing which he

had in the heavenly places. Because he loved us he chose us before the

foundation of the world to be sacred and blameless in his sight. He is the

One who, before anything was created, set us apart to be adopted into his

family through Jesus the Anointed One. He was well pleased with his

plan. He favoured us by giving us Jesus whom he loved, and we richly

praise God for his favour.

7-10 His favours to us are so abundant, that he bought us by paying the

ransom for us with his Son’s blood. This cancelled our sins. In fact, he

showered us with so many favours that they overflowed, and he also gave (cont)


NOTE: God is uniting all things to Christ, things in heaven and things on the earth. There is a development going on in all areas of heaven and earth! There is much unifying work to do and we are part of bringing it about!


(cont) us all types of wisdom as well as common sense. He showed us the secret

hidden truth of his plans. Actually, he was pleased to do this. He intended

that the secret hidden truth would be revealed through the Anointed One.

God had a detailed plan for each period of time. The secret hidden

truth of his plans was tied in to this: everything had to be just right to unite

all things to the Anointed One: to unite things in the heavenly places to

him and to unite things on the earth to him.

11-14 It was God’s purpose to set us apart before anything was created.

On account of what the Anointed One did, we were assigned an estate.

God makes everything work according to his purpose and his plans.

Ephesians 3:8-12 And I am the most insignificant of all the people devoted to God!

Yet this favour was given to me so that I could announce the Good News

about the inexhaustible riches of the Anointed One to the non-Jews. It was

given to me so that I could enlighten everyone about the detailed plan of

the hidden secret truth, which from the beginning of the ages was hidden

by God who created all things. This is so that the many-faceted wisdom of

God would now be made known through the assembly to all the rulers and

authorities in the heavenly places. God’s eternal plan culminated in the

Anointed One Jesus our Lord. Through Jesus we have the right of

freedom of speech, able to say what we like, boldly in public. We have

access to God with confidence through faith in Jesus.

13-19 This is why I beg you not to be discouraged at the oppression I am

going through for you. Instead, you should be proud. God is the Father of

all people groups in heaven and on earth, and all derive their essence from



Ephesians 4:4-10 There is one body and one Spirit. You had one invitation.

There is one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who is above

everything, works through everything, and is in everything. God measured

out his favour to us and the Anointed One has given each one of us a gift.

This is why the Scriptures say, “When he ascended on high, he led

along prisoners and gave gifts to people.” This “he ascended”, what does

it mean! It means that he also descended into the lower parts of the earth!

The one who descended is also the very one who ascended above all the

heavenly places, in order to equip the universe.


NOTE: Look at what we are fighting and wrestling to pin down to bring everyone and everything into God’s realm, and where it takes place!


Ephesians 6:11-12 because it is not flesh and blood that we wrestle to

the ground and pin down. Rather, it is governments, authorities, a

powerful class of demon-gods that inhabit this darkness, and evil spirit

entities – these are in the heavenly places.


Zeros have no beginning and no end as all are in God and all are of God, the eternal God and father of us all. God is the one who knows and precisions value and form. He is also the 10 dimensions written about by Nachmanides back in the 12th century. Physicists are looking for more, but there is one dimension that encompasses them all no matter how many we may discover, or how many God has. It is the turnkey dimension of His realm and God wants us to have it, know it, use it, enjoy it and share it!

As seed zeros we may only reflect the digit/s of Himself that He gives us, and where He places the dot (God factor) is our shared capacity with Him for our exponential growth and development. The dot is fluid while we remain dynamic and can increase or decrease capacity in order to serve all our particular needs until completion. If we remain static so too does the dot (God factor) as in these static moments God will be presenting and revealing Himself into us by His presence and His Anointing (whisper) – a factoring process of the highest magnitude above and beyond what we’ve ever thought, imagined or dreamed – He did prepare to do this for us ahead of “Time Dimension”, by beginning it all in the “Love Dimension” – the Turnkey to His Realm and also our true realm.

God showed me love is not revealed where there is nothing unlovely to love. Love remains static until there is someone and something unlovely to love - only then does love become dynamic and very creative. Seed Zeros are unlovely in their empty naked state, have no evidence of existence or claim of proof one way or another – not even for themselves.

Seed Zeros cannot of themselves reveal themselves, become, grow, develop, find or not find God, decide, determine, create or destroy anything of themselves. For you and me to become truly known for who we really are, we get to present ourselves to God our Father who is in our heavenly dimension. This is the purpose of Father presenting Himself to us and why Jesus taught us to pray “Our Father who is in heaven”! Prayer is profoundly a presentation of ourselves to God and Him to us. It is where we are both known and revealed in and for each other in love.

A seed zero sealed in a glass jar will still be a seed zero in a glass jar a billion years from now. How did it get there? The big bang put the glass jar there and placed the seed zero in it then sealed it!

Will it evolve into something more? Not unless someone/something breaks the jar and seed zero hits pay-dirt! God may have used a big bang, or voiced a whisper, but then He is God and God always begins everything in His love dimension because God is Love! Now that is evolutionary indeed!

God so loved this unlovable world He gave His first love, His only begotten Son in order to pick up all the empty seed zeros to attach them to (H.I.S.) His Infinite Self as heirs and joint heirs of His life and construction for the unifying of all things in order to equip the universe.

Earth, along with the current heaven, just happens to be the testing and development ground, the school to equip us infinitely for eternity, first naturally and then spiritually but in parallel. Each of us is called by God to live in the parallel universes of the natural and the spiritual. We dare not ignore either of them and both are troublesome to our ignorance, but love and truth can be revealed to the unlovable and untruthed, which is the found state of all seed zeros until God steps up and confronts us, whispers to us and embraces us and anoints us with His all encompassing love.

Both the first and the last Adam fell into love - God's love - because in both cases God had someone unlovely to love - for God is love. God turned His back on both the first and the last due to where they went and due to what they were - a judgement of great value with eternal intent - and then turned around to fully love them for who they were in their unlovely state they would/did become! Now love is fully measured and revealed to be fully expressed eternally and is proof love can never fail and that love is the “why” He is the one true God and Father of us all.

John R Fergusson

All Rights Reserved September 2016

Scripture taken from The Source New Testament. Copyright  2004 by Dr. Ann Nyland. Used by permission of Smith and Stirling Publishing. All rights reserved.